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A larger-than-life selection of coins

With over 70+ coins and growing, Newton gives you more choice.

Community led coin adoption

We listen to our community and add coins we see excitement around.

Due diligence is in our DNA

All of our coins pass a securities test in addition to us having liquidity, wallet support and cold custody of said assets.

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Why have some coins been delisted?

Coins are rarely delisted, but when they are there, it’s usually due to one of two reasons: technical support or regulatory concerns.

As Newton is dependent on our liquidity providers and other service providers to allow us to properly support a coin, there are instances where one or more of our service providers advise us that, for various reasons, they are unable to continue to provide us with this support.  When that happens with a coin, we are unable to support it any longer and we are forced to delist the coin.

Other times, the regulatory environment can change, or new facts surrounding a coin’s ecosystem may surface or change. Newton is required to keep a close eye on regulatory pronouncements and the regulatory environment of our listed coins, not just in Canada, but internationally as well for regulatory issues that may require us to reconsider whether we need to delist certain coins.  For example, the terms of our order explicitly require us to review and continually ensure that we don’t list any coins that would qualify as a “security” or a “derivative” under Canadian securities laws.   As a result, Newton may elect to delist a coin when it is undergoing additional scrutiny by regulators.

We do our best to give Newton users as much notice as possible when we’re delisting coins, and also typically stage the de-listing in phases.

How does Newton decide what coins to launch?

Newton takes a number of different inputs into consideration when we launch a coin. First, we try to launch coins that our customers want! Then, we conduct due diligence to ensure that the coin is reputable and safe. Finally, we have to ensure our trading and custody providers support the coin.

If you want to make a suggestion, join our Discord and chime in on the #suggestions channel!

Why are funding and withdrawals disabled for some coins?

When we add a new cryptocurrency to our platform, initially we limit functionality to trading only. Usually funding and withdrawals are opened up within a few weeks.

How often does Newton add new coins?

All the time! We try to launch a coin at least once a month, but sometimes it’s more often. We support 70+ coins.

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Your choice of networks.

Lightning fast transaction times. Less fees.

Lower your gas bill.

Choose less congested networks and skip the high gas fees.

Avoid congestion.

Having more choice in networks gives you options for faster transaction times

Growing network support.

We offer native network support for various coins, and are continuously expanding coverage

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What networks can I withdraw my crypto on?

Newton supports multiple networks for some coins. This allows you to choose the best network for your needs, and will help you save money. To see what networks are supported on which coins, check out our coins page

Will you be adding support for more networks in the future?

Yes! We’re always looking for ways to add support for more networks in the future.

If you want to make a suggestion, join our Discord and chime in on the #suggestions channel!

What are some coins where you support more than one network?

You can see what coins are supported and on what networks here.

What is multi-network support?

Some coins can exist on more than one blockchain and therefore can be sent through whichever blockchain that the user chooses if the platform they are using supports it.

There are many reasons why you might want to use a different network. For example, transactions speeds and costs may be reduced on different networks, or different functionality and portability might be available on a different network.

Newton supports some coins on multiple networks, meaning that when you’re withdrawing or funding crypto, you can choose the network that makes the most sense for you.

You can see what coins are supported and on what networks here

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