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If you don’t charge commission, how does Newton make money?

Newton charges a fee on trades. This trading fee is per-side, calculated as the difference between the midpoint and the bid/ask price. To get the total bid-ask fee simply multiply this figure by 2.

Which platforms are supported?

We support iOS, Android, and web!

Which payment methods are available?

We currently offer Interac e-Transfers, wire transfers, pre-authorized bank transfers (requires Plaid), and transfers from external wallets.

Which banks are supported?

We support major banks and credit unions through Plaid.

Which currencies can I trade?

We currently support Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Stellar Lumens, USD Coin, and 60+ other coins. We focus on high-quality projects with a strong technical roadmap and engaged community.

Can I bring my own crypto?

Yes. You'll be able to transfer crypto into your Newton wallet and trade it as normal. To convert to CAD you'll need to verify your identity first.

How do I know I can trust you?

Newton was started by a team of experienced Canadian entrepreneurs and has strong financial backing. Our goal is to set a strong example for good corporate citizenship in the cryptocurrency space. And if you still don't trust us, we've made it really easy to withdraw crypto into your own wallet for safekeeping.

We don't hide behind a veil of anonymity — our CEO's name is Dustin Walper, and rumour has it he does birthday parties for Bitcoin.

Cryptocurrency exchanges seem to get hacked a lot. What's your hacking prevention plan?

Cryptocurrency transactions are irreversible, so it's critical to have strong security protocols in place. Once you lose cryptocurrency it's gone for good.

A huge part of our strategy is surprisingly non-technical: we store the vast majority of our crypto in secure locations with no access to the internet. We also back up our keys in a distributed manner, meaning there are multiple redundancies in place to prevent accidental loss.

Newton has partnered with Coinbase to provide institutional-grade storage for our customers' digital assets at no cost.

What does it cost to withdraw cryptocurrency from Newton?

Not only do we not charge any additional fees for crypto withdrawals, we'll cover the mining costs up to $5 CAD. However, when network fees surge due to volume, you will be required to pay the remainder. Learn more about this works.

Where specifically is the crypto stored?

The address is 742 Evergreen Te-waaaaaait a minute...

Is Newton hiring?

We are! You can check out open job posts on our careers page. Bonus points for ASCII self-portraits generated programmatically in C and people named Vitalik.

I'm a member of the press and I want to learn more. Who do I talk to?

Please email us at and we’ll get in touch.

How about a slice of quiche?

We're down.

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