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How to access support at Newton

There are a few ways to access support at Newton:

Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Base is your hub for product and account information. Choose from any of the categories below to view answers to frequently asked questions.

About Newton ⭢Setting up your account ⭢Managing your account ⭢Privacy and Security ⭢Referral Program ⭢Funding your account ⭢Withdrawing from your account ⭢Trading on Newton ⭢Taxes, Reports and Financial Services ⭢

How to Reach Out

For direct support, connect with the Newton Support Team via email at The best way to reach out is to our support email.

If possible, please include the following in your email:

Please note that we don’t offer phone support or live chat at this time.

System Updates

Want to know about the status of the Newton platform? View our system status chart. If a component of our platform is encountering an issue, rest assured our team is working to get it resolved as quickly as possible.

Important updates from the Status Page are also added to our Twitter and Reddit feeds. Be the first to know when something changes on our platform.

Friendly reminder: We will not ask you to DM us, and we will never ask you to provide sensitive information through social media. Newton will not contact you by phone, text message, or through any email address other than Please remain vigilant against potential scams, impersonator accounts, and phishing attempts.

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