Trading on Newton.

Appallingly low fees and plenty of ways to trade.

Newton App dashboards on web and iOS
Newton App dashboards on web

Trade how you want.

Market orders, limit orders and fancy charts. We have it all.

Market orders

Buy or sell now, thank yourself later.

The tried and true way of getting a transaction to execute as quickly as possible at the current market price.

Limit orders

Set it and forget it.

For when you're feeling fancy and want to set the maximum or minimum price at which you are willing to complete the transaction, whether it be a buy or sell.


Data informed decisions.

For users who don't trust numbers, Newton offers charts that can help you decide when to enter and exit a position.

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Which cryptocurrencies can I trade?

We currently support Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Stellar Lumens, USD Coin, and 60+ other coins. We focus on high-quality projects with a strong technical roadmap and engaged community.

You can view a list of what coins are supported for trading on Newton here.

Can I bring my own crypto?

You can fund and withdraw from your account directly with crypto. Learn more about crypto transfers

Where is the crypto specifically stored?

The address is 742 Evergreen Te-waaaaaait a minute...

We rely on trusted-third party custodians to store the vast majority of our customer crypto assets in secure locations with no access to the internet (aka “cold storage”).

We keep a small portion of crypto in hot wallets to facilitate withdrawals. Assets held in hot wallets are insured against hacking and theft.


What is the bid-ask fee?

Newton charges a fee on trades. The fee is the difference between the bid (what you can sell at) and the ask price (what you can buy at).

Grow your portfolio effortlessly with recurring buys.

Never miss the dip again—
save time and automate your investment.

Newton App dashboards on web

Automated dollar-cost averaging (DCA).

Smooth out price fluctuations and reduce risk without the headaches.

Crystal ball? No—just an informative graph.

We’ll let you know when it might be time to top up based on your available funds.

Set up that’s easier than ordering from Amazon.

Set your desired amount, frequency, and that’s it! We’ll do the heavy lifting.

We're absolutely ruthless on cost.

Low trading fees and carrier pigeons are table stakes for us.

No ramp fees

No withdrawal or deposit fees and zero commissions. We let you have your CAKE and eat it too.

Low trading fees

Unlike an exchange, we buy from and sell to our users directly, allowing us to keep more cash in your pocketbook.

Carrier Pigeons.

There are no pigeons... however we're happy to carry the network fees for you (up to $5) per transaction on most coins.

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Are there fees to fund my account on Newton?

Funding and withdrawing fiat and crypto on Newton is totally free.

If you don’t charge commission, how does Newton make money?

Newton charges a fee on trades. The trading fee is the difference between the bid (what you can sell at) and the ask price (what you can buy at).

What does it cost to withdraw cryptocurrency from Newton?
Newton doesn't charge any additional fees to withdraw your crypto! Network fees do apply, though.

Ready to make your first trade on Newton?

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All the features you want, none that you don't.

We don't normally like to brag, but here are some of the reasons why our customers love using Newton.