We’re on a
quest to build a
financial system
that is more

open, fair, and democratic.

Newton's dedication to fairness inspires us to build a more open financial system that empowers people to embrace economic freedom.

That is Newton in a nutshell.

The Vision
Behind Newton

Back in 2017, Bitcoin was in the midst of cracking the $20k mark. Cryptocurrency was reshaping the financial system and the world was beginning to take notice—and we were stuck with a burning question, “Why is buying crypto in Canada such a shitty experience?”
Why so many fees? Why is funding my account such a pain in the ass? Why are these websites so sketchy? We get it. Crypto was a diamond in the rough. The industry was in its infancy. But the barrier to entry was too high.

There had to be a better way. We had built world class products before, why not crypto?

We built Newton with a singular goal, “How do we make crypto accessible to everyone?”.

The other kind of Newtonian principles

Our philosophy has a number of key principles:

Always in motion.

We will relentlessly improve our products, our company, and ourselves.

Transparency for the win.

We will be brutally honest with our customers and with each other in the pursuit of truth.

Engage to empower.

We will listen to our customers and obsess over their needs.

Plan for longevity.

We will optimize for the extreme long-term, even when that means lower profitability today.

Less talk, more walk.

We will show leadership by doing, rather than by talking about doing.

Data informed decisions.

We will resolve disagreements with data, rather than title or seniority.

In the News

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We see a future where financial systems are open to everyone and built to empower people to embrace economic freedom.

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We are always looking to build a team of smart, creative, passionate doers—the kind of people who see opportunity where others see blockers.
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We live our value of transparency daily—and to prove it, here are some of the unfiltered things our users ask.

Is your support team made up of robots?

Aside from our favourite bot Isaac, our support team are real people… or are they?

Can I have access to my private keys?

No, Newton does not allow or provide for access to private keys. However, you can withdraw your crypto asset to your own wallet if you would prefer to hold your own keys.

Is Newton hiring?

We are! You can check out open job posts on our careers page. Bonus points for ASCII self-portraits generated programmatically in C and people named Vitalik.

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