Serious about Security.

We practice security as if it's our own life savings.

A platform built for crypto's unique risks.

And redundancy on top of redundancy, because we’re paranoid.

80/20 cold storage.

We keep 80% of our assets offline to limit the exposure to unforeseen issues and risks.

In-house data
security team.

Their one and only job is to keep your zeroes and ones safe. If anything seems out of place we'll let you know.

Insured assets.

We maintain various forms of insurance for crypto assets to cover off risk of loss or theft from our wallets.

grade storage.

Daily offsite backups that are stored on Canadian servers ensure a high level of safety for our customers' data.

Bank integration.

Direct integration with banks allows us to conveniently and quickly process your transactions.

penetration testing.

We perform external third party PEN testing annually with internal team testing monthly.

Find out more about
our security practices

How do I know I can trust you?

Newton was started by a team of experienced Canadian entrepreneurs and has strong financial backing. Our goal is to set a strong example for good corporate citizenship in the cryptocurrency space. And if you still don't trust us, we've made it really easy to withdraw crypto into your own wallet for safekeeping.

Newton has undergone a rigorous review and approval process with the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) and the other members of the Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA) and is one of a small number of registered crypto trading platforms registered to operate in Canada. The registration process included extensive reviews of our internal financial, compliance and security processes as well as requirements related to working capital, insurance, and the storage and custody of our customers’ fiat and crypto assets.

We don't hide behind a veil of anonymity — our CEO's name is Dustin Walper, and rumour has it he does birthday parties for Bitcoin.

Cryptocurrency exchanges seem to get hacked a lot. What’s your hacking prevention plan?

Newton enforces security requirements internally, including mandatory password rules, internal security audits, and conducts regular penetration testing.

We rely on trusted-third party custodians to store the vast majority of our customer crypto assets in secure locations with no access to the internet (aka “cold storage”).

Our customers’ custodied assets are also insured against hacks and theft.

How do I report a bug?

At Newton, security of the platform and our users is our top priority. You can follow this link here to read up on our process for reporting a security vulnerability. At the bottom of the page there is a form that you can fill out to have a direct method of contact with our security team who will take a look at the issue further. Please be as detailed as possible when describing the nature of the issue.

How do I know my personal Information is secure/What do you do with my Personal information?

The best place to understand how we protect your privacy can be found here at

As part of our measures to confirm your identity (and the identity of each beneficial owner), we may also use third party identification service providers such as Persona Identities Inc. (“Persona”) and others. To learn more about Persona’s privacy practices, please visit

Newton doesn’t share personal identification data except in cases as identified in our Terms of Use and our Privacy Policy, and in cases where we are required to by law.

Newton App dashboards on web

Security that goes beyond the app.

Now that’s a customer centered approach to safety.

In-house fraud & data security team

Their one and only job is to keep your zeroes and ones safe. If anything seems out of place we'll let you know.

Simplifying crypto & taxes

We help you make sense of your tax obligations thanks to our partnership with Koinly.

We're insured & regulated

We go above and beyond legislation to make sure we're compliant with current and anticipated Canadian laws to keep your assets safe.

Join the crypto platform thousands of
Canadians trust.

Your security is important. Newton is committed to being a leader in compliance, security, and technical protocols.

All the features you want, none that you don't.

We don't normally like to brag, but here are some of the reasons why our customers love using Newton.