Get verified fast, no bank account required.

October 21, 2020
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October 21, 2020
Get verified fast, no bank account required.

Failed verification in the past? Got stuck in the process? Want to refer a friend? Now it's even easier to get started on Newton.

We've made a huge update to our verification process. Plaid is now optional for verification, and the process overall is much faster and easier. Connecting a bank account through Plaid will still be required for sending bank transfers, but is easy to connect and disconnect from within the settings menu.

What's new?

Easily upload your ID

Choose the ID you'd like to use to get verified, take a photo of your ID with your webcam or device, and upload.

Get verified 10x faster.

Get verified in as little as 30 seconds in most cases, and have even greater control with our redesigned UI.

Introducing Interac® e-Transfers as a funding method

No longer rely on EFT's as the primary payment method. You can now choose Interac® e-Transfers when adding funds to your Newton account. They're 100% free-to-use, with no holds on withdrawals. Send fund requests from the app, approve in your inbox.

Read our post on Interac® e-Transfers.

Plaid will still be required for sending pre-authorized payments, but not for Interac® e-Transfers. It's easy to connect and disconnect an account from within the settings menu.

Read our post on changing a linked bank account.

How to use the new Newton verification flow

Our new verification flow is faster and easier than ever.

Step 1: Choose your ID type

Choose a government-issued document to upload.

Select which piece of ID you would like to use for verification. We accept any of the following:

  1. Driver's license
  2. Identity Card
  3. Residence Permit
  4. Passport

All ID must be government-issued.

Step 2: Choose an upload method

Choose an upload method.

Choose an upload method for your documents. We recommend "file upload", which will allow you to select images from your camera roll.

Step 3: Scan your ID documents

Submit your images.

Select each option and follow the prompts on your web app or device to take a photo, or upload images of your documents.

Improving Image Capture Results.

Sometimes it can be tricky getting your image capture right, here are some tips to help improve your results.

  • Place ID on a dark surface – ID Document Verification works best when there is contrast between the ID and the surface on which it is placed. Preferably use a plain black paper or a black sheet with no text or printing on it.
  • Place ID on a plain surface – The ID should not be placed on a newspaper, magazine, keyboard, counter top or on your thigh. Holding the document in your hand and scanning it may result in a failed verification. Any key elements that are obstructed (barcodes or text) may result in a failed verification. Use a plain dark background and ensure fingers are not obscuring the document.
  • All 4 corners visible – When you capture an image (ID/passport), align the edges of the ID or passport bio page within the camera screen and ensure all 4 corners are visible.
  • Right distance between the ID and device – Hold the device over the ID at a distance where the document is completely inside the camera screen. For passport ensure that the bio page (the page with name, passport number, photo etc) is the only page in view.
  • No glare – When you scan the document, please ensure there is no glare on it. You might have to scan it multiple times if there is glare.
  • Avoid dark areas – Scan the document in well-lit room or area (not in a darkened room or area). Normal daylight or a well-lit room is ideal.
  • Avoid skewing of image – Images should not be skewed / angled within the picture (2-3 degrees is acceptable). The edges of the image should align with the edges of the photo as closely as possible.
  • Hold steady – Try to not to shake the device when you are taking the image of the ID document. Images that are too blurry may not be verified.

Step 4: Complete!

With your documents uploaded, verification will be completed as quickly as possible (in many cases instantly, and in some cases up to 48 hrs.).

If there are issues with your verification process, you may be asked to complete additional steps or contact customer support.

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