How to buy QCAD in Canada.

How to buy QCAD in Canada.

How to buy QCAD in Canada.

Newton makes it fast and easy to buy, sell and hold QCAD (QCAD) in Canada.

QCAD (QCAD) is a Canadian Dollar stablecoin developed by Canada Stablecorp Inc. built using the ERC-20 standard on top of the Ethereum blockchain. QCAD is the first Canadian dollar stablecoin that was designed for mass market.The coin is a digital asset that is pegged to the Canadian Dollar, meaning that 1 QCAD is worth $1 Canadian Dollar.

Cryptocurrency is an exciting, new space to get involved in. Find out how to get in on the action.

Where can I buy QCAD?

There are a few options to buy QCAD in Canada:

Direct Purchase

You can purchase it directly from another individual in person or over the web.

Crypto ATM

You can try to locate a crypto ATM near you that offers the cryptocurrency you're looking for.

Via an Exchange

Many find it easier to purchase QCAD through a trading platform like Newton.

Why Newton?

Newton offers a dead-simple way to buy and sell cryptocurrency in Canada at prices that other platforms simply cannot afford to compete with.

Where can I buy QCAD?

There are a few options to buy QCAD in Canada:


Sign-up in Canada for a Newton account.

Create an account and add funds or choose an amount of your currency to trade.

Trade fiat or crypto for stablecoin.

Trade your chosen currency into a stablecoin, then send it to an external wallet.

Send stablecoin to an external wallet.


Initiate purchase and you're done.

Go through the steps to purchase, and that's it.

Why use stablecoins when transferring to an exchange?

Because "stablecoins" are often pegged to FIAT currencies with stable values, they are useful tools for currency conversion. Coins such as USDC, USDT and QCAD won't swing wildly up or down in value between withdrawal and funding another account.

It's easy to get started.

Send QCAD quickly on your phone or computer.


Create an account.

Provide some basic details about yourself and get instantly verified.


Fund your account.

Link to your bank account to add or withdraw funds seamlessly.


Start buying.

You can start buying and selling crypto quickly and easily right away.

Why you’ll love trading QCAD on Newton.

Newton is Canada's first no-fee cryptocurrency trading platform with no fees, transparent prices and tight spreads. We offer high liquidity and institutional-grade third party custody for your digital assets.

Best prices in Canada.

On average our prices are 0.5–0.7% above spot at volumes of up to 3 BTC. This makes our overall price 3x lower than a leading competitor who charges approximately 2.25% in spread + fees.

World-class security.

Newton uses machine learning to detect and prevent account takeover attempts, a common form of cryptocurrency fraud.

Zero Fees.

Trading and funding your account is absolutely free. Transfer cryptocurrency to and from your account at no cost (we have zero network fees).

Unique & functional design.

We take a first principles approach to design, resulting in an easy-to-use experience that is unlike any other exchange.

Works on any device.

Get started on the your web browser, or download the Newton app for Android and iOS to take control of your crypto on-the-go.

Proudly Canadian.

We want cryptocurrency to be taken seriously, so we go above and beyond to make sure we're compliant with current and anticipated Canadian regulations.

Where do I keep my QCAD?

After you've purchased crypto, the next step is to find the best way to secure it.

Wallets are known to offer the best security for your cryptocurrencies. While you have the option of keeping your assets on Newton, Newton is primarily a no-fee cryptocurrency trading platform, and not a wallet service.

While we have institutional third-party custody via Balance to keep customers' digital assets safe, you may want to consider transferring a portion of your holdings into external wallets. It's always good to be cautious, even with the institutional-grade protection our partner Balance offers your digital assets!

What can you do with QCAD?

Explore a variety of uses, options and processes.

Use as a bridge asset between other cryptocurrencies and fiat

Pursue a short or long-term trading strategy

Send QCAD overseas

Start buying QCAD in minutes.

Get started with as little as $50 CAD.