XRP transfers will require tags (Updated)

June 7, 2021
Newton Team
June 7, 2021
XRP transfers will require tags (Updated)

Updated | We're making changes to the way XRP is transferred on Newton. To ensure your XRP transfer is submitted successfully, follow these simple steps.

What is changing?

Starting Tuesday, June 15th, all XRP funds sent to Newton will require a tag in addition to your wallet address.

When receiving XRP in your Newton wallet, you'll be reminded to include your address and tag.

We are unable to block transfers that don't have a unique tag, so it is important to fill out all the fields at this stage. Please note that transfers without a unique tag risk being lost.

Web app & android
iOS Users

If you have whitelisted wallet addresses that regularly send to Newton, you also need to update your saved addresses. Don’t use any old Newton wallet addresses as they won't be accurate anymore.

What is the rollout plan?

Tuesday, June 15th

09:00am–10:30am ET | Tag functionality will be deployed to the iOS, Android and Web apps. We estimate this process will take about an hour and half.

10:30am ET | Tag functionality is expected to be live in the iOS, Android and Web apps, and we will notify all users when it is completed and functionality is restored.

Why is this changing?

Tags are used by many coins to increase transfer efficiency; The Ripple network specifically uses unique tags to indicate the specific beneficiary of a payment. This process becoming mandatory on Newton make sure we're able to receive transactions from our users.

Make sure to specify a tag next time you transfer XRP on Newton so your transaction completes successfully.

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