XRP support to pause on Dec. 11th for Flare's Spark token airdrop.

December 8, 2020
Miles Chic
December 8, 2020
Miles Chic

Ripple (XRP) will undergo a fork to accommodate the Flare network's new Spark (SPARK) token. SPARK won't be supported on Newton in the future or credited to XRP holders on Newton, and XRP support will be paused during the fork.

What is this airdrop all about?

The Flare network is a group hoping to bring ETH-style functionality to their platform via technology powered by the XRP network. This means XRP will undergo a fork to split into two coins: Ripple (XRP) will remain at is is now, and a new coin Spark (SPARK) will be created to power the Flare network.

When will XRP service be paused?

Newton will temporarily halt trading in XRP from 4:00pm-7:30pm ET on Friday, December 11th (12/11/20). All in/outbound XRP transfers will be paused during this period.

Will I receive SPARK if I have XRP on Newton?

No – Newton users who hold XRP at the time of the fork will not receive SPARK as part of the airdrop, and there are no plans to support SPARK on Newton in the future.

We're always adding new coin pairs – If you have a pair you'd like to have support for, let us know! support@newton.co

Miles Chic

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