We're sunsetting XMR... for now

June 11, 2021
June 11, 2021
We're sunsetting XMR... for now

Goodbye XMR, we hope to meet again soon.

Good news bad news time.

Bad news: Our custodian is ending support for XMR for insurance reasons, meaning we'll have to stop supporting it.

Good news: We're still looking at other options, and we hope to bring back XMR support in the near future.

What if I have XMR on Newton?

Don't worry! You'll still be able to withdraw XMR until August 16th, 2021. You'll also be able to trade your XMR for CAD if you prefer not to move it elsewhere.

Here's what's happening when:

June 16, 2021 at 11:59PM ET: XMR transfers into your Newton wallet will be turned off. Any incoming transfers attempted after this deadline risk being lost. Just to be safe we advise that you delete any saved Newton XMR wallet addresses. You can still buy and sell XMR on Newton or send your XMR to an external wallet.

July 30, 2021: Buying XMR on Newton will be turned off. You can still withdraw your XMR to an external wallet, or sell it for CAD.

August 16: XMR support will be turned off.

XMR phase-out schedule

We will be sending reminders to those holding XMR as these dates approach. Now make some plans to move your Monero!

We're always adding new coin pairs – If you have a pair you'd like to have support for, let us know! support@newton.co

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Protect your XMR

XMR will be discontinued – Move your assets to an alternate wallet now.
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