Track the performance of your assets

July 25, 2022
Newton Team
July 25, 2022
Track the performance of your assets

With all the volatility lately in the market, we wanted to make it easier to keep track of what’s going on with your personal account. We’re excited to introduce you to your new dashboard that does just that. Don’t worry if you don’t see it yet – it’s coming to you very soon! 

This feature is now in beta on mobile and web – and we’d love your feedback. Let us know what you think here.

Now let’s get into it:

View your profit / loss

See how your holdings are doing at a quick glance with your percentage or dollar value profit/loss.

The “Profit/Loss” or “P/L” for short is calculated as follows: 

P/L = (Market Price -Average Cost)/(Average Cost

In simple terms, it shows if you're gaining or losing money on your holdings.

View your holdings

This view displays the current market value and quantity of each coin you’re holding.

View the market price and average cost

The “average cost” is the average price you paid for the coin over all your purchases on Newton, including any charges. In the case of a transfer, the average cost is calculated as the market price at the time of transfer into the account. You may have noticed this figure on your monthly statements. The market price is simply the current price of a coin.

View Your Allocation

The allocation is the percentage that a coin makes up in your portfolio. Whether you’re an ETH maximalist, or have a diversified portfolio of coins, you can easily see how much each coin represents in your account.

On the mobile app, simply tap through your new coin list to stay on top of your holdings.

On our web app, you now have 2 new views of your holdings:

  • A refreshed view of our coin cards that now include profit / loss
  • A new list view of your holdings that mimics the new mobile app view

You can access the coin card and list view by toggling between the card and list icons in the top right of your new holdings section. 

Check out our video below for a quick walk-through of the new look on the mobile app:

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