We've made some changes to the e-Transfer deposit process

March 24, 2021
Miles Chic
March 24, 2021
Miles Chic

We've made some changes to the e-Transfer deposit process. Here's how it may affect your account.

What's changing?

As of today, we require the name on the sending bank account for e-Transfers to match the name on your Newton account, with some affordances for nicknames/minor spelling differences. For some users, this may require a one-time whitelisting process. Our team is working hard to accommodate these changes and minimize disruption.

Why is this happening?

As a FINTRAC-registered MSB, we are required to identify our customers and understand where funds are coming from. This change allows us to continue to do our part in combatting fraud and money laundering, while also providing a seamless and secure experience for our customers.

My names are the same, am I affected?

You're good to go! If the names on both accounts are the same or have minor differences, there will be no change to your activity on Newton.

What if the name on my Newton account doesn't match my banking information?

This is common with those who may have...

  • adopted a different name in english
  • joint accounts
  • adopted their partner's surname

If the name coming from your bank varies substantively from the name on your Newton account, it may require a one-time whitelisting process.

What if I manage a corporate account?

For corporate accounts, we will need the following:

  • Articles of incorporation, or similar, proving your connection to the organization
  • A list of all beneficial owners (>20%), along with their ownership %, addresses, and photos of front and back of government photo ID. Selfies with your IDs and a piece of paper that says “Newton” and today’s date on it
  • A bank account statement (original PDF downloaded from your online banking site) showing the legal name of the company

Important Note–

If funds are sent from a bank account that is not connected in any way to a verified Newton customer, those funds will be held until the owner of the bank account has been verified or disputes the e-Transfer with their bank. We cannot legally accept funds from people who have not been verified with us.


We really appreciate our users patience and understanding as we work to make things easier. For updates, follow us on Twitter or join the conversation on Reddit.

Want to help us shape the products we build? We're always looking for valuable insight and feedback from our users. If you have features you'd like to see or are interested in joing our user research group, email support@newton.co

Miles Chic

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