Address Book now makes sending crypto simple

July 27, 2022
Newton Team
July 27, 2022
Address Book now makes sending crypto simple

Say hello to your new Address Book! Simply save and nickname your frequently used crypto addresses so you can send funds with just a few clicks. No more copy and paste, no need to scan QR codes each time, and no more second-guessing. 

How to access your Address Book

Your Address Book can be accessed from two handy places within the Newton app: 

  1. From your settings: for adding, viewing, and withdrawing to your saved addresses
  2. When you place a withdrawal: select an address to withdraw to, or simply save a new withdrawal address 

Let’s walk through how to do both.

Access your Address Book from settings: 

  1. Select “Address Book” 
  2. Click “Add an address”
  3. Choose the coin
  4. Choose the network
  5. Paste in the receiving address
  6. Add a tag/memo (if needed)
  7. Give your receiving address a nickname

Once added, you can simply tap the address to view the details or place a withdrawal.

You can also access your address book from the “Withdraw” screen when placing a new withdrawal:

  1. Navigate to “Withdraw” > “Crypto to wallet”
  2. Choose the coin
  3. Choose the network
  4. Click “Use Address Book” — note: you will only see saved addresses associated with the selected coin and network. if you do not have a saved address, feel free to add one.
  5. Once your address has been selected, the address and tag/memo (if required) fields will populate 
  6. Submit your withdrawal request

If you are withdrawing to an address that you do not yet have saved, you can always save the address once the withdrawal is complete by clicking “Add to Address Book”.

And remember, it’s always a good idea to send a small withdrawal first to make sure your address is correct and your funds land in the right place!

Check out our video below:

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