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White glove service for trades over 50,000.

Newton OTC provides deep liquidity and personalized service to Newton users trading $50K+.
We work with you one-on-one to manage your high value trades with a dedicated account manager.
Unbeatable pricing
Deep liquidity
White glove service
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What you get

You need more than just quick service and rapid results.

Deep liquidity

Through our OTC desk you get direct access to deep pools of liquidity as we work directly with our market makers to ensure you are receiving the best possible prices for your large trades.

Ultra low-cost

Get access to even tighter spreads across all transactions. You get impossibly low rates and you pay zero withdrawal or funding fees. Learn more about free withdrawals.

Access to additional coins

Our OTC desk can work with you to provide access to assets that are not typically available on the Newton platform.

Fast settlement

Our OTC desk will never custody any of your funds. We aim to execute and return your crypto or CAD back to you as fast as possible.

Secure transactions

OTC desk with work with you to whitelist your wallet address to ensure funds are sent directly back to your secure address provided. CAD funding is also completely via wires - not sure if we want to mention this.

White-glove service

Our OTC desk will work directly with you and our support team to ensure your trades and account set up are quick and easy.

What can you trade?

Our dependable providers offer deep liquidity options for our users. Trading is available for all cryptocurrencies available on our platform, as well as some additional cryptocurrencies not yet available on the platform. Contact us to learn more.

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Get in touch

Contact us by filling out our onboarding form. We’ll be in touch within one business day to get you set up and trading as soon as possible.

Fund your account

Depositing your assets is a smooth and secure experience. Fund your account with cryptocurrency or fiat for your OTC trades.

Execute trades

You’ll get a dedicated account manager for your trades. They will provide real-time quotes to reduce spread and avoid slippage.

Finalize settlements

Get instant access to detailed trade summaries as soon as your settlement is complete, and these assets will go directly into your bank account or digital wallet.
Unbeatable pricing
Deep liquidity
White glove service
Unbeatable pricing
Deep liquidity
White glove service
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum trade size to use the Newton OTC desk?

The minimum trade size is $50,000 (CAD) or equivalent in supported cryptocurrencies.

When can I contact the OTC desk

FAQ content TBD

Can I trade with you before I fund my account?

FAQ content TBD

What if I am an existing Newton Crypto client?

FAQ content yet to be finalized

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You’re just a mere 24 hours away from white-glove trading.

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