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A specialized and secure service for high volume trading.
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Our OTC service desk is committed to giving you peace of mind for high asset trading. Created for block orders over $50,000, Newton OTC provides direct access to liquidity providers and faster settlement. With a dedicated account manager, personalized service, and competitive costs, we're committed to optimizing your trading game.
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Getting Started

Contact us by filling out our onboarding form. We'll be in touch within one business day to get you set up and trading as soon as possible.

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Funding Your Account

Easily and securely deposit your assets (cryptocurrency or fiat) to fund your OTC trades. We'll make sure your assets are safe and accessible.

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Executing Trades

Your dedicated OTC manager will provide real-time quotes to reduce spread and avoid slippage. We're committed to giving you honest and educated service throughout the entire trade process—and beyond.

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Finalizing Settlement

You'll get all trade details as soon as the order is executed, and we work to complete your settlement as soon as possible. Every incoming asset will go directly back into your bank account or digital wallet.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum trade size to use the Newton OTC desk?

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The minimum trade size is $50,000 (CAD) or the equivalent in cryptocurrencies.

What if I am an existing Newton Crypto client?

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Since we’re managing large transactions, we’ll need to know a bit of information about you. All OTC clients will need to go through the Newton OTC onboarding process.

How can I contact the OTC desk?

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You can reach us via email at at anytime, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Can I trade with you before I fund my account?

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Newton OTC will wait for arrival of funds to begin the trading process—this ensures there is nothing to delay your trade. It’s also to make sure you receive your cryptocurrencies or fiat as soon as possible.

Can I store my crypto on the Newton OTC platform?

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Newton OTC is a non-custodial service. We provide trade execution, and then send any funds, crypto or fiat, directly back you.