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This is the most user-friendly app for crypto, I have found. Transactions are fast simple, and painless. Deduction fees are almost nothing no complicated, wallets, or secondary apps. I’ve tried 30 crypto apps, and this one is by far my favorite.
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Very well set up, for ease of depositing, transfering and trading crypto. The app is beatifuly designed for maximum esthetics. security of the login process is top notch. If this app was a person, I would ask him/her to marry me!
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Reid Hosking
Ryan Rados
What a spectacular app for us Canadians. Been using it for three years and it’s been wonderful. You can buy crypto easy and you can put it back in to your bank account in a minute (literally). But you shouldn’t do that as you should HODL!! Thanks Newton ❤️
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Create an account in a matter of minutes, and transfer your crypto from your Binance account in as little as 10 minutes.

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Explore the rest of Newton's features including portfolio tracking, price alerts, and more. Rest easy knowing you're using a regulated Canadian crypto platform.

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