Welcome Storj & Celo to Newton!

January 7, 2022
Newton Team
January 7, 2022
Newton Team

Storj (STORJ) & Celo (CELO) are now available on Newton.

Storj: The Storj platform (yes, like the word “storage”) does exactly what it sounds like — it stores data through end-to-end encrypted cloud storage. Storj utilizes blockchain technology and peer-to-peer networks to connect open storage space as a faster, more efficient alternative storage solution to traditional cloud platforms. STORJ is the utility token of the Storj platform.

Celo: Celo is a smartphone focused global payments platform that seeks to make financial decentralized apps and cryptocurrency payments accessible to everyone with a mobile phone. Celo’s mission is to make cryptocurrency more accessible to all and to facilitate real-world use for your crypto as everyday money. CELO is the utility token for the Celo network

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