Newton Express Vs. Newton

March 22, 2020
Michelle Vacarciuc
March 22, 2020
Michelle Vacarciuc

Let’s be honest: getting your account verified is a pain in the butt. While we’ve tried to make the process as simple and intuitive as possible, it can be overkill for people who just want to buy some crypto without sharing their life story.

What if you just want to buy, say, $500 worth of Bitcoin to hodl? Or $10 worth of ETH to cover gas in a smart contract?

For you, dear reader, we’ve created a non-custodial option that doesn’t require an account: Newton Express.

What is Newton Express?

With Newton Express, you can purchase crypto instantly without creating a Newton account or linking your bank account. Newton Express only requires your name and a Canadian phone number to purchase digital assets like BTC, ETH, XRP, USDC, and more with Flexepin vouchers. Newton Express is great if you want to make casual purchases instantly without an account.

How does Newton Express work?

  1. Pick up Flexepin vouchers privately in-person or online. You can redeem up to $3,000 per day or $10,000 per week.
  2. Enter the wallet address where you’d like to receive your coins and verify your phone number via SMS, no account needed.
  3. Confirm your order details and hit submit. Your order will be processed instantly and your cryptocurrency will be sent immediately to your wallet.

When should I use Newton Express?

To minimize the amount of information you have to share. If you’re concerned about privacy, Newton Express is for you. We collect the smallest amount of information necessary to facilitate small purchases while still meeting our compliance requirements.

To receive coin instantly (no custody). Custody, or having someone else store coin on your behalf, can be a convenient option for many. But if you prefer to simply receive coin directly to a wallet of your choosing, Newton Express is a great non-custodial option.

To purchase crypto infrequently. If you just want to purchase crypto once in a while, Newton Express is for you. The simple, intuitive process means you can buy coin when you need to without the complexity of opening and maintaining an account.

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