Well would you look at that? Five new coins on Newton!

September 2, 2021
Newton Team
September 2, 2021
Newton Team

Today Kyber Network (KNC), EOS (EOS), Balancer (BAL), Dash (DASH) and 0x (ZRX) were added to Newton. As always, funding and withdrawals are coming soon.

Coming in hot! Enjoy your last days of summer with five new coins to trade. We plan to be your one-stop-shop for cryptocurrency in Canada. Read on to learn more about the coins that launched today.

EOS (EOS) is the native cryptocurrency of the blockchain protocol. It has similarities to Ethereum in its vision and infrastructure, as well as its focus on smart contracts. The platform aims to eliminate transaction fees and conduct millions of transactions per second.

Dash (DASH) is an open source cryptocurrency that was forked from the Bitcoin protocol. It is also a decentralized autonomous organization run by a subset of its users, which are called “masternodes”. The currency permits transactions that can be untraceable.

0x (ZRX) is a decentralized blockchain protocol created for the exchange of Ethereum-based assets. The project is known for its decentralized P2P orderbook, as well as a robust API which aggregates liquidity from other ERC-20 exchange networks. 0x uses the ZRX token to power smart contracts on the network, as well as for staking.

Balancer (BAL) is the governance token for the Balancer Protocol. This exciting new player in the DeFi ecosystem is an automated market maker (AMM) that enables users to contribute liquidity to customizable pools and earn profits. The Balancer protocol operates as a self-balancing portfolio, effectively mimicking the function of an index fund by controlling risk exposure through asset reallocation.

Kyber Network Crystal (KNC) is an ERC20 utility token that acts as the glue for the Kyber Network, connecting stakeholders throughout the Kyber ecosystem. The Kyber Network is a developer friendly, decentralized exchange that provides on-chain liquidity that is applicable to any application, enabling seamless value exchanges between ERC20 tokens.

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