We just added 3 new USDC pairs — and completely redesigned our trading interface

May 7, 2020
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May 7, 2020
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We’re excited to announce that you can now trade three new stablecoin pairs on Newton, and our trading interface has been totally redesigned.

From the day we launched in October 2018, we have been on a mission to offer the largest selection of trading pairs in Canada at the best prices. Today we’ve made a huge breakthrough in that effort.

While previously we only offered pairs quoted in CAD, you can now select USDC as the quote currency for 3 new pairs:


Over the coming months we will continue to add new pairs quoted in USDC, BTC, and QCAD.

This launch is the culmination of months of work spent overhauling our trading engine and completely redesigning our trade UI.

Our Revamped Interface

To introduce crypto-to-crypto trading on Newton, we also had to upgrade our interface.

Our new trade view has a ton of improvements:

  • Cleaner design that actually contains more information at-a-glance.
  • A new coin picker that allows you to quickly select valid pairs.
  • An improved confirmation process and success screen, complete with success animations.
  • In-line error displays to prevent you from making mistakes.
  • Buttons for easily selecting a fraction or all of your balance to trade.
  • Brand new hover and active states for every UI element.

We’re really proud of the new trade UI, and we hope you like it too!

Want to help us shape the products we build? We're always looking for valuable insight and feedback from our users. If you have features you'd like to see or are interested in joing our user research group, email support@newton.co
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