Cosmos (ATOM) & Elrond (EGLD) are here!

December 13, 2021
Newton Team
December 13, 2021
Newton Team

Cosmos (ATOM) and Elrond (EGLD) are now available on Newton.

Trading is enabled for ATOM and EGLD, and funding + withdrawals will be coming soon.

Cosmos (ATOM): Cosmos is a network of interconnected Apps and decentralized services that aims to function as the “internet of blockchains”. The core goal of the Cosmos ecosystem is to make the global economy more resilient through decentralization, more accountable through transparency, and more efficient through the scalability of blockchain technology. ATOM is the Cosmos Hub’s utility token for interchain services.

Elrond (EGLD): The Elrond platform is a blockchain protocol that seeks to build a new internet economy to support decentralized applications (dApps). Elrond aims to provide users and developers with lightning fast transaction speeds, low transaction costs, and scalability through sharding. The EGLD token is Elrond’s native currency.

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