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March 25, 2020
Michelle Vacarciuc
March 25, 2020
Michelle Vacarciuc

You can now buy BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP, XLM, BCH, and USDC instantly with Flexepin vouchers on Newton Express. Only a name and phone number are required.

Some details:

  • You can buy Flexepin vouchers online with a credit card, or using Interac e-Transfer, Visa Debit, or Interac Online (buying online may require additional identity verification). You can also buy in-person with cash or debit.
  • You can purchase up to $3,000 per day and $10,000 per week using Newton Express.
  • For the month of December, we’re charging only 3.5% to redeem Flexepin vouchers, one of the lowest rates in Canada.
  • Coin prices on Newton Express are identical to prices on Newton, meaning you’re still getting the best cryptocurrency prices in Canada.
  • No holds. Crypto is sent as soon as your Flexepin voucher is redeemed (i.e. instantly).

The full story

While Newton was designed to make it easy to add funds directly from your bank account, lots of customers have told us that they wish there was a more private way to buy small amounts of coin.

Newton Express is a private, dead-simple, super fast way to buy small amounts of cryptocurrency in Canada. We see it as a more convenient alternative to Bitcoin ATMs popping up in sometimes questionable locations across the country.

Whether you’re concerned about data leaks, the prying eyes of a spouse, or the increasingly draconian policies of Canada’s big banks, Newton Express is designed to balance legitimate anti-money laundering concerns with the privacy rights of all Canadians.

While we only offer Flexepin today, we intend to offer a widening array of payment options for our more privacy-conscious customers in the future.

Why not give Newton Express a whirl?

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